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Tender Lawn Care Review

If you want to entrust your lawn to the true professionals, Tender Lawn Care is a perfect candidate. Of course, there are lots of companies who provide lawn care services and all of them claim to be the best, but the reputation of Tender Lawn Care has been unshakable for many years, and they continue to keep their standards high.

No job is too small or to big for this company: you can easily contact them no matter what sort of job you want to be done. It may be something major like a complete fall or spring clean-up or something minor like leaf and debris removal. Services are available all year round, even in winter when gardening is not fun. Without any exaggeration, Tender Lawn Care is a nice combination of high quality and affordable prices.

Tender Lawn Service

But what exactly can you count on when dealing with this company? First of all, all their employees are experiences and qualified, so you will be able not only to give them instructions, but also to discuss the possibilities and ask for advice. Also, this company has a full range of all the necessary equipment, and this is crucially important: usually they charge more and take longer time to start working if the equipment has to be rented.

With Tender Lawn care you can count on seasonal clean-ups, weekly lawn maintenance, weed control, fertilization, scalping, landscape design, bush and trees trimming, trees removal, debris and leaf removal, snow and ice removal, ponds care and so on.

In addition, you can even order the Christmas light installation, and they will never refuse: indeed, you can expect any sort of work to be done as long as it is have a slightest connection with your lawn or garden. They will clean your rain gutters, perform the re-seeding, dethatching and lawn aeration, and even install a fountain in your garden.

And you will get your lawn properly mowed, your flower beds will be carefully edged and all the bushes trimmed.

You can order ordinary mowing or go for something more original, creative and imaginative: mowing the grass in different directions, these guys can turn your lawn into a piece of art.

It is possible to opt for a weekly lawn maintenance program or for bi-weekly services at higher rates.

If you have been struggling in your poor attempts to get rid of the weeds in your garden, your problems can be easily solved with "Fert & Squirt" program of this company – it includes six solutions of the weed control and fertilization.

As a result, your lawn will be green and weed free all through the season.

When it comes to aesthetics, Tender Lawn Care has a lot of to offer: in fact landscape design is the area the enjoy a lot. Your garden has a potential to look much more charming and sophisticated if you order designing and installing flower beds, fountains, little ponds, paths, flower compositions and so on.

Customer Reviews

Lots of pros come to mind when you think about this company, but there are also some cons. For example, they could have a better discount system for regular clients, and perhaps more seasonal offers.