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Scotts Lawn Care Products

The Scotts company is one of the most respectable, reliable and therefore popular companies in the agricultural industry. It was founded in the second half of the 19th century, and since than they have been providing high quality products for growing a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Most Popular Products

Taking care of your lawn can be so much easier of you bother to feed and safeguard it on a regular basis. There are Scotts company that offer many products for keeping your yard free of weeds and pests, stunningly beautiful and easy to maintain.

For example, they offer high quality grass seeds. Needless to say, it is absolutely important to get a wonderful carpet of green grass in your yard with defective grass seeds.

Scotts Dense Shade Grass Seed

The Scotts take into consideration not only personal preferences of their clients, but also the peculiarities of different climate zones and condition of soil in various regions. Besides, they have special seeds for shady places and for places exposed to the sun. They are tolerant to heat, humidity, drought and many other conditions. Also, the Scotts seeds are absolutely weed free.

Fertilizing is an important part of taking care of your lawn, no matter whether you try to get rid of particular problem or just to provide all the necessary nutrition to your grass.

Scotts lawn care products include a wide range of different fertilizers, so every gardener can choose the best one according to his or her needs. It is recommended to pay attention to their fertilizers that are children and pets friendly.

Scotts Organic Choice Lawn Food

Scotts Organic Choice Lawn Food is a wonderful option in case you are concern about the safety of a fertilizer for your family and pets.

Scotts Turf Builder

Scotts turf builder fertilizers will help your grass to absorb water and various nutritious component, which will result into a splendid green carpet in your yard.

Scotts Lawn Pro Step 3 Insect Control with Fertilizer

It is not less important to make sure that there are no pests to seriously damage or even to destroy your lawn. If you opt for Scotts lawn care products, it will become much easier to accomplish this task as they usually add a pest control mixture to most of the fertilizers.

In this case you have a double advantage: your grass gets all the necessary nutritions for a healthy growth and at the same time you make sure to protect it from undesired insects. The Scotts Lawn Pro Step 3 Insect Control with Fertilizer would make a wonderful choice.

The Scotts Roundup Extended Weed Control

If in spite of all the precautions the weeds keep their aggressive spreading over your lawn, there is a way to eradicate them. Roundup is one of the most effective Scotts lawn care products: it will help you to get rid of the weeds in less than two weeks.


There are many other Scotts lawn care products available for keeping your lawn spectacular all through the season. These products are capable of changing your idea about an easy lawn maintenance, you will be rewarded with the sincere admiration of your family, neighbors, friends and everybody who happens to see the yard of yours.

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