Portable Water Softener Reviews

Hard water consists of mineral ions, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. As a result, hard water has many disadvantages. For instance, soap does not lather easily in this kind of water, leading to wastage. Moreover, hard water shortens the lifetime of plumbing systems in addition to damaging them. With portable water softener, mineral ions are eliminated from hard water in order to soften it.

Water softener units are developed to ensure that users do not just purchase them at more affordable prices than their ordinary counterparts, but to ensure they last more than four weeks. The portability of the softeners makes them ideal for people on the move for long durations, or those who are constantly travelling.

Check Out This Top Rated Portable Water Softener

An ordinary water softener that is portable makes use of two table salt packets to soften large volumes of hard water, up to 1000 gallons. Usually, the softeners are compact and light in weight to allow them to be carried around. They feature outlet caps, water inlets for storage, a handle, test strips to determine the hardness levels of water, hose adapters with inlets and outlets, as well as valves that allow regeneration through switching between the outlet and inlet hoses automatically.

Types of Water Treatments

There are two types of water treatment processes utilized by portable systems of water softening, such as ion exchange water softeners and reverse osmosis water filters.

The Ion Exchange Water Softeners

Ion exchange water softeners utilize sodium to stabilize the free electrons or molecules of magnesium and calcium that bond with those of other free molecules. This is due to the fact that the water softeners comprise of resin beads that are negatively charged. Therefore, when the hard water flows through the strongly charged sodium ions, they bond and thus stabilize.

The Reverse Osmosis Filters of Water

Water filters designed to use reverse osmosis have a semi permeable membrane, which differentiates minerals and foreign materials from the water flowing via the membrane. With soft water produced by the softeners, the lifetime of plumbing systems and elements for heating water is enhanced and mineral ions responsible for corrosion of appliances and systems completely eliminated. Moreover, soft water is also safe for drinking.

Benefits of Portable Water Softeners

Just like any other type of water softener, those that are portable come with a range of benefits worth noting.

  • They produce safe, clean and healthy water that can be used for drinking. Therefore, you do not have to worry about drinking unsafe water that can be infectious.
  • Soft water produced by these products can be used for washing because they lather easily with all kinds of detergents and soaps, hence preventing wastages.
  • Apart from lathering easily, soft water does not affect the strength and durability of clothes, in addition to using less detergent, hence resulting in great savings.
  • They have compact designs, light weights and can be easily used, making them easy to carry around when traveling.
  • Since soft water has no effect on the equipment, appliances and pipes that get in contact with the water, their lifespan is maintained as stipulated by the manufacturer.
  • Last but not least, the water softeners are portable because they are very light.

Due to the fact that these water softeners are portable, they are designed for personal use and not commercial purposes. For residential or commercial softening of hard water, the conventional systems of softening water will come in handy.

Portable water softener can be used by the marines and car enthusiasts who need to soften their hard water while on the go. In order to find the specific unit and a brand that will suit your individual needs, it is important to look out for the many water softener reviews online written by happy clients.

Amazon is a perfect platform for water softener reviews. One of the highly reviewed and rated water softeners on Amazon is the Watts RV PRO-1000. This softener is not just easy to install, but makes use of table salt, just like any other portable softener, making it light in weight. It comes with strips for testing the water before softening and afterwards to monitor results.

The portable SoftSpot Nomad Portable 400-Blue is also highly reviewed on Amazon. Unlike the RV Pro 1000 model, the 400 Blue water softener utilizes ordinary salt. Proper regeneration that only lasts 15 minutes has been designed to use the latest technology to truly softening water. Moreover, this specific kind of water softener does not channel, foul, backwash improperly or even flush the media when regeneration is underway. Although the unit is light like all portable water softeners, they can produce a maximum of 2,400 gallons of water.

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