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North Face Arctic Parka Women’s Jacket Review

The perfect winter jacket for women. When the temperature is racing in the single digit Fahrenheit scale or you are shivering in minus scale temperature then to get back the warmth avail the North Face Arctic Parka Women’s Jacket. Because this special hooded jacket transforms the arctic like polar temperature into a tropical one. Quickly check in some of its special characteristics:

The  Features:

Impermeable to damp: What is the most disturbing thing in the winter season is bone chilling waves hitting you spins via penetrating your jacket. But the polyester blend of this Arctic Parka jacket acts as a water proof barrier and strictly prevents the entry of the moist wind inside your body, thereby maintaining the body warmth. High end insulation: The North Face Arctic Parka Women’s Jacket is fully insulated in each and every section of its polyester covering. The thermal 550-fill down hard handedly prevents exist of the inside comfortable warming waves. Thus whatever might be the external snowing temperature; you fell warm and comfortable from inside. Assembled hood: The hood is attached with the body in a zip format, such that you can attach or remove the hood whenever you feel like. For example, when it is snowing profusely or north winds are knocking down your ear lobes then give yourself a hooded funky look. On other side when wind is not that disturbing, allow your hair to flaunt its gloss and unbuckle the hood. Removable faux fur: Similarly like the hood, you can play with the faux-fur. Bring it alive at the edge of the hood to shadow your poor freezing forehead and if you are not in a furry mood, vanish that fur via unzipping. Quilt like lining: When you are under the quilt, the world comes to a standstill as you are under the ultimate heart melting comfort. But you cannot stay under quilt for whole day, as you need to go out for work but you can even enjoy the quilt like feel with this Arctic Parka jacket. The Women’s Arctic Parka Jacket is made up of explicit quilt lining and bestows you with a super hot quilt like feel from inside. Other notable features: The hem line is in a drop split format with functional snaps. It has internal media pocket with loop to carry your necessary small belongings. This also features zipped hand pockets to keep your things safe.

Things which you will like:

The style: The goose down feel does not make you look like a bucket shaped curve less body. The perfect elastic at the waist hugs and molds your curve efficiently and uplifts your sex quotient. The ultimate warm: you wear jacket to keep yourself warm and this arctic parka Women jacket do a complete justice in the warm section. When you wear it the mercury increases drastically and you feel the warmth. Waterproof: Winters have rains, it has snow. While the woolens quickly absorbs the water and soaks you in a damp mood, The North Face Arctic Parka Women’s Jacket is waterproof and no question of soaking in damp. Breathable: The furry and polyethylene texture is not that clumsy. It has free space and helps you to breadth easily. Moreover the quilted taffeta lining furnishes next-to-skin feel.

Things which you may not like:

Some complains about its weight issues and poor fit but in that case you are always available with a large size to hug your body.

Where to buy it?

You can find this urban navy color jacket in Amazon’s online store. Click on this link to order it: The North Face Arctic Parka Women’s Jacket

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Additional information:

It has double zipper, one which runs from top to bottom and other from bottom to top, thus increasing the bar of styling.

Final verdict:

Winters will come and go, you cannot stop them, but what you can do is make yourself comfortable with The North Face Arctic Parka Women’s Jacket. But give it some special treatment for its extended longevity, as in this case it would be a professional laundry wash.