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North Face Apex Bionic Womens Soft Shell Jacket Review

Windy days and snowy chill are the attributes of winters which most of the girls are generally scared of. But there is a super good news for all the girls out there who are spending their days in winter phobia. The North Face Apex Bionic Womens Soft Shell Jacket by North Face is the windproof, fleecy jacket that is loaded with intricate specifications to stand up to the challenging weather at all times. Woven from proprietary ClimateBlock fabric, the North Face Apex Bionic Womens Soft Shell Jacket packs a protective underlining of soft-shell materials that makes it apt for aerobic activities and prolonged use alike. Go through this page to get enlightened about its amazing traits and functionalities:

The Special Attributes:

Fabric performance: The Apex Bionic has been constructed from premium quality ClimateBlock fabric that is not only wind-proof but also quite waterproof. It incorporates a fleecy lining to provide superior breathability. Perfect for harsh cold: At a sizable weight of 1.6 pounds, this jacket is very much heavier than its counterparts. This makes it a bit imperfect for alpine adventures and countryside excursions. But it is perfect to set out for adventure for severe and harsh weather. Superior weather protection: The Apex Bionic’s USP is its superior weather protection. In addition, it’s also one of the jackets to provide maximum water resistance. Water beads rolls off its fabric without soaking or embedding it. Amazing comfort quotient: Featuring a fleecy backside and soft fleece linings on the chin guard and cuff sleeves, this jacket feels extremely comfortable on the skin and giving strong-guard from the penetrating cold storming outside.

Plus points

  • The Apex Bionic flaunts a casual and sporty look that’s appealing but not overly technical. You can count on it to flatter your look everywhere you go.
  • It offers great protection from harsh weather. Whether you’re snowshoeing, hiking, or strolling downtown, this jacket will protect your skin from the elements.
  • It comes with intuitive details like a dual-layered cuff sleeves to keep you warm irrespective of the ambient temperature.
  • The fleece backer feels extremely comfortable and soft against the skin. With that said, its fabric is surprisingly taught for a jacket that looks so upscale.

Minus points

  • The sleeve cuffs are a tad too tight. This makes it practically impossible to wear another layer underneath. However, on second thought, that wouldn’t be necessary because this one jacket is enough to combat the challenges of winter.
  • This piece lacks a hood to it, making it slightly less perfect for windy days. However, you can always purchase the hooded version and that too without breaking the bank!

Extra information

The Apex Bionic jacket features a stiff and thick structure that’s cozy and comfy all right, but does not allow you to wear an additional layer of wool beneath. The sleeve cuffs are too tight and restrict movement if you do so. Therefore, it’s advisable to wear this jacket over a thin base layer only. For all-round weather protection, you can opt for the hooded version. This jacket is available in 16 dynamic color choices that are sure to go with all your moods.

Purchase Stop

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The Final Verdict

The North Face Apex Bionic Womens Soft Shell Jacket combines design and peak functionality in a single structure to offer dependable protection from the elements. Being windproof and waterproof to equal measure, it qualifies as the ultimate jacket for all your outdoor activities. Available in striking color choices, it’s simply a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe! So, leave your winter-phobia behind and be ready to face the cold bites confidently.