Mulching Lawn Mower Blades

Last Updated August 2019

Mulching is a unique feature that is not available in every lawn mower; the reason being that this action requires special blades and special cutting decks.

There are many benefits of mulching and if you have a reasonably lush lawn, it is the best technique to dispose off the grass clippings.

Mulching is the process by which grass clippings are repeatedly cut to make them very small. As s result, these grass clippings can actually be returned back to the lawn.

Back where they came from, the cut grass becomes fertiliser to the lawn and help keep your garden organic.

It is pretty clear that mulching is not the same as cutting the grass.

Mulching requires the grass to be cut into fine clippings and this requires special kind of blades.

Typically, if you want to mulch, you need to buy appropriate blades for your mower.

Mulching Blades VS. Lawn Mower Blade

The mulching blades are typically wavy with each wave having its own sharp edge.

When this wavy blade rotates at a fast rate, it cuts the grass into small clippings gradually.

As compared to a regular lawn mower blade, the mulching blades have a much longer sharp edge.

The long edge means the grass is repeatedly cut multiple times creating a smooth line with small clippings enough to be returned back to the soil.

Sharpening Mulching Lawn Mower Blades

As effective as these blades are, you would soon realise that sharpening them is not an easy task.

With regular blades the straight edge means you can file them in one smooth action and restore the sharpness.

With mulching blades, the bent edge means you need to take utmost care in filing the blades.

While it is not impossible, the process is a bit more involved. You may also benefit from using a combination of files while sharpening mulching lawn mower blades.

While sharpening the blades, make sure that you sharpen them on both sides and keep the edge alignment as close to the original as possible.

If you plan to use an automatic grinder, make sure that you do not hold the grinder on the same spot for a long time. This will overheat the blades and distemper them.

Drawbacks of using Mulching blades

Mulching blades are not the best options for a very densely grown lawn.

If you are planning to mow your lawn after a very long time, it would be better to just use a regular blade the first time; this is because, with such lush grass around, your cutting deck will get clogged with grass clippings very quickly leaving you a jammed mower.

Tips on Mulching Lawn mower Blades

Always remember that mulching is not a feature supported by all mowers, so if you want to mulch your grass clippings, ensure that you purchase a mower that supports this feature.

Secondly, using the mower in mulching mode requires you to set the mower accordingly.

Lastly, make sure you have the right mulching blades to get that perfect cut for your grass. With such simple steps you can enjoy a fresh, neat looking organic lawn.