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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket

Wafer thin and feathery light, the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket Men’s is the adventurer’s answer to the harsh climate of the mountains. Although a minimalist approach to the full-fledged mountain ready jacket, it packs in enough comfort, safety and style for all your manly expeditions. Lightweight yet high on tech, this Hooded Down jacket specially designed for men incorporates the Q Shied Down as well as Whisperer 7D X 10D fabric, both of which are essentially Mountain Hardwear proprietary materials. Keep reading the review for Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket details!

Main Features:

  1. Style: The Ghost Whisperer is definitely dapper looking and comes in a variety of catchy colours that make every man’s adventure even more interesting. It encloses a lot of layering too for those extra chilly days on the mountain.
  1. Fabric: The jacket has been made from premium quality 7D X 10D Ghost Whisperer Fabric. The latter is extremely specialized, to the extent that only a single mill in the whole world makes it. In spite of being ultra-light, the fabric is incredibly strong. To top it all, the down insulation makes the jacket amazingly warm, even when you leave it out of your camp one chilly night.
  1. Weight: The jacket beholds the typical Spartan design that’s devoid of draw cords, Velcro and unnecessarily reinforced areas. Its ultra-light zippers testify its basic functionality. The two hand-warmer pockets come across as intelligent details.
  1. “Butter Jersey” Cuffs: The Ghost Whisperer comes laden with soft “Butter Jersey” cuffs that maintain a taught elastic binding to block out cold, moisture and sharp winds alike.
  1. Interior Toggle Hem: There’s a single toggle hem in the interior of the jacket to allow for easy adjustment during opening and closing the jacket. This thus enables users to manage it effortlessness.
  1. Water Resistance: The Ghost Whisperer’s fabric is woven very finely to resist water. As such the jacket can survive a light rain shower quite well. So, starting from drizzling to snowfall and mild rain it can withstand all.


  • Light-weight and Portable-The Ghost Whisperer is the lightweight version of the complete mountain jackets. You can pack it in your travel case or simply carry it on your shoulder while you trudge up the hills. It won’t come in the way of your comfort either.
  • Highly Durable- It’s woven from high quality nylon fabric that is resistant to tears, stains and water, making the jacket extremely durable and long-lasting. It is perfect to wear regularly in harsh atmospheric conditions on mountains.
  • Cozy, Warm and Comfortable- It’s extremely comfortable to wear. It encompasses a basic quilt pattern that encloses multiple layers to keep your body temperature well above the ambient temperature.


  • The Ghost Whisperer is styled in a way to only suit the body type of bulky people. Slender and lean people who are rather fashion conscious too, don’t find this jacket very appealing as it doesn’t flatter their physique fully.
  • It’s not a multi-purpose jacket really. You can wear it for a chilly day at the mountains but not for a blistery day at beach.

Where to Buy?

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Few Other Things to Know:

Though not inexpensive, this jacket might actually save you some cash by filling a few gaps in your wardrobe. It’s a one jacket wonder that will keep you warm on tiny belay stances in the shade and isn’t overkill for a train trip across Europe. Highly durable and ultra light, it became the go to jacket for our testers and will be for the foreseeable future.


The Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket-Men’s is a cozy, sophisticated and lightweight alternative to the tons of winter wear that you’ve planned for your next trip to the mountains. Its multi-layer quilt patterning provides supreme protection against chilly days and its intricate detailing makes you look stylish without compromising on comfort.