Best Inline Water Filters of 2019

It can be difficult to find a good solution for water filtration that is convenient and inexpensive. The inline water filter is an easy to use, low cost alternative to more expensive water filtration systems. It’s more convenient than pitcher systems and less expensive than system designed for the entire house.

Top 10 Best Inline Water Filters Comparison

One advantage inline water filters have over pitcher filters is that you do not need to refill after each use and you don’t need to find a place for it in your refrigerator. Pitcher systems can take up valuable space on the top shelf – space that should be used for large milk and juice containers. In fact, refrigerator styles that have built-in water dispensers and ice makers, but don’t have their own filter systems, are great applications for inline water filters.

These filters simply get installed on the water line that feeds the refrigerator. It does not require a plumber and can be installed with simple tools. You just need to cut the existing water line, which is typically made from a water-grade plastic. You then attach the fittings that come with the inline water filter kit to each end of the freshly cut water line. There will likely be a bit of water spillage during this initial installation when you cut the water line, so be prepared with a small basin and perhaps some towels for drying the floor.

The better inline water filter kits will have fittings that keep water from spilling out of the water line when the filter is not attached, so you will not have to worry about water spillage when you replace the filter. Once the fittings are attached to the water lines it should be just a simple matter of attaching the filter to the fittings without use of tools. Modern kits use quick-disconnect fittings to make filter replacement clean, convenient and simple.

This type of filter is really ideal in situations where you do not want to replace the refrigerator to one with built in filtration. That’s typically cases where you’re renting an apartment or other home.

Once you have this type of filter installed you can begin enjoying water from which any contaminants such as chlorine, lead, cysts and particulates have been removed. You will probably also notice that any bad tastes have also been removed. So not only do you get water that is safer to drink, it will taste better too.

These types of filters will save you money over time as well. Since you can just refill from your refrigerator with clean, cold water you will not need to buy bottle water from the store or worry about maintaining a water cooler. Since fewer bottle need to purchased, used and thrown away or recycled it also helps the environment.

You can even get inline water filters built into water bottles. So if you are gone from the house for most of the day and cannot refill, a water bottle with a built-in filter is a good choice.

So you’re not only doing something good for yourself by getting an inline water filter you’re doing something good for the planet.