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Deals shown through this site are top daily deals from Amazon. The actual Black Friday and Prime Day deals will apper during the particular shopping days.

How do You Shop on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is set for October 13 & 14, marking the fifth annual online shopping extravaganza. But you don't need an invite to the online shopping extravaganza. You can use Amazon Prime Day and purchase products for anywhere between free to an eye-popping price.

Which Amazon products can you buy? Some popular products on Amazon Prime Day include electronics, household goods, tools and appliances. Popular Amazon Prime Day deals in the past have included $100 off Amazon Echo (usually $179), 50 percent off Kindles and $20 off various Nintendo gaming systems.

Don't worry if you aren't an early-bird shopper. While Amazon Prime Day will launch on October 13, some deals will roll out well before the date.

Of course, the best place to start when planning your Prime Day shopping is to sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime membership to access the massive and competitive list of Prime Day deals. (Prime offers members free shipping, videos, music, original shows and a lot more for $99 a year, plus a 30 percent discount on most purchases from Amazon.)

Online shopping is considered to be an era. When people love to shop, the option to buy from any part of the world gives satisfaction to them.

There are three types of people who shop online: regular shoppers, those who buy small stuffs and those who buy big stuffs.

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping days that people look forward to. In the past, the Prime Day has generated huge sales, but this year, Amazon is expecting billions of dollars in sales.

In countries that have a low internet penetration, people are glued to their computers and phones, placing an order for their favorite products from Amazon.

In such countries, people may be obsessed about the day, but Prime Day is just the thing to relieve that pressure.

To order on Prime Day, people must be a Prime Member of Amazon. An Amazon Prime Membership costs $12.99 a month and $99 annually. The membership gives Amazon users unlimited streaming of Prime Video, streaming music through Amazon Music and free delivery.

There is another way of ordering on Prime Day. Any Amazon account holder may shop on Prime Day and have the items delivered in two days for no extra cost.