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Best Travel Neck Pillow Reviews

Buying Guide - Travel Neck Pillow

For the frequent traveler or anyone who suffers from neck pain and stiffness, travel pillows can be a lifesaver. There are many different providers of travel pillows producing items of various sizes, shapes, and materials. Understanding the differences between them and the advantages and disadvantages found in travel pillow reviews by fellow travelers can aid you tremendously in your search for the perfect one for you. Bucky, Carex, CarQuay, ChiroFlow, DeluxeComfort, DreamTime, Eagle Creek, Eddie Bauer, Komfort Kollar, Sissel, SkyRest, Spa Comforts, Tempur-Pedic, TravelRest are just a few of the brands that offer a special line of travel pillows. Their array of products spans every need, preference, and price range.

Travel neck pillows are great for any kind of travel, but where you intend to use them will partially determine which type you should choose. If it is generally just going to be used in the car, then you can go as big and plush as you like, but if it is going to be used for air travel, then you will need something small, lightweight, and easily portable. Inflatable pillows may not be the most comfortable or luxurious, but when deflated the smaller ones can be folded up small enough to fit right in your pocket, making them very easy to carry on and off of an airplane.

The TravelRest inflatable pillow tends to get very positive reviews. It has a long, thin piece that extends diagonal across the body like a seatbelt and a large, curved piece that sits on the shoulder and supports the head.

The Komfort Kollar is another selection that gets great user reviews. It is round, similar to a neck brace. Its main advantage above other similar products is that it comes in three different sizes to better suit necks of different sizes.

A larger inflatable option is the SkyRest travel pillow. This pillow is meant to sit on the tray table that folds down from the back of the seat in front of you on an airplane so that you can lean and lay on it. The general consensus among users is that it is great when you can use it, but that you cannot use it if the person in front of you leans his or her seat back.

A smaller pre-filled pillow may be fine to take on a plane as well depending on your other carry-on needs. The Komfort Kollar also comes in a memory foam filled version that many users prefer. The non-inflatable one, however, only comes in one size, but memory foam does tend to fit a wide range of sizes on its own due to its extreme elasticity.

The Bucky Fuzzy Wuzzy travel pillow is a U-shaped apparatus that is filled with removable millet hulls. The millet hulls mold to the body fairly well, and since they can be removed, you select the density of your preference. It also has a faux fur cover (hence the “Fuzzy Wuzzy”) that can be taken off and simply tossed in the wash for easy care.

When not bound by space or weight limitations, pre-filled pillows can provide the ultimate in comfort depending on their filling and cover materials. Tempur-Pedic travel pillows mold to the shape of your body and relieve muscle tension. They also have washable, allergen-resistant covers.

The DeluxeComfort car neck pillow is not large in size, but its limitation is that it straps onto the bars of a car seat headrest supporting your neck as you lean back in the seat. It is filled with memory foam and many users recommend buying them to match the interior of your vehicle and just leaving them in permanently as an addition to the headrest.

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